Welcome to Helen’s dance site. This site started life as the Dublin Scottish Country Dance Club website (hence the url) but, as Daniela has built a bigger, better site for the Club, this one will be my own. The Club website can now be found at http://www.dublin-scd.com/. This one will contain ballet as well as Scottish Country Dancing, and occasionally perhaps other types of dance.

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  1. Hello Helen

    Thank you for the kind comments about the Enniskillen weekend. Yes, it was great…..although I think our committee need to do a bit of fine tuning, mainly in and around the Social Dance, if we repeat the experience. I found the seminar very interesting; John W, you and Craig spoke very well.

    I do like your Homepage especially the note re Highland. (’tis a pity that most folk think that’s what’s WE do!).

    As I mentioned to you at E’killen I’m just home from a week’s dancing on 16th May and it would take a jet plane to get me to Dublin. It would also need to call at divorce lawyers on the way!!! Have a great night.

    Belfast Ticket Sect


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